Copper jewelry unique

Art jewelry from a wire

Copper jewelry

Copper wire is the starting material for the creation of these copper jewelry, unique because entirely made by hand.

The collection of copper jewelry is constantly evolving: the craft allows to reproduce the line of a jewel, but rarely can create two identical pieces. The small imperfections suggest the rise and the evolution of the jewel. They are the signature of the artist. For this reason each photo represents an unique piece.

Katia, the artist, reserves the right to make jewelry with the same lines, sure to give different lives to her creations and to preserve their uniqueness.

The materials matched to the worked copper wire are mainly hard stones and seeds. These are chosen to give different shades of light to this pure metal. They are materials offered by nature to give the jewelry and the wearer one of the essences of life.

Katia defines his creations as "patience jewelry". Even before the copper wire and the tools to work the jewel, the patience of the craftsman is necessary to give shape to a movement, to give life to a wire.


Katia Napoletano

The artist

I am Katia, artisan for passion since over ten years, dedicated to handling the copper wire to create unique copper jewelry. After having mastered the art of the pliers I began to understand the effort of patience necessary to transform the movement into a perfect work of art.
I always had a major attraction for the manual arts and the objects made by hand that emanate a beauty so alive that industrial products can't match.

The copper

The copper jewelry have the peculiarity to change over time. When worn, contact with the skin gives them new shine and shades.
If abandoned, they oxidize evenly, losing the sheen that makes them alive.

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Soon we will enable online purchase of copper jewelry handmade crafts, made in Italy. For the moment, however, you can not buy them online nor request the price of the jewelry.

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It is not costume jewelry

Every jewel of copper is an attempt to represent the laws and mysteries of nature, to capture a sunset, the warmth of the fire, the cool wind ...

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